Yoko Ono – Yes, I’m a Witch (2007)

Genre: Alternative, Electronic, House Artist: December 22nd, 2013

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Free MP3 Download Yoko Ono – Yes, I'm a Witch (2007)

Free MP3 Download Yoko Ono – Yes, I’m a Witch (2007)


01. Witch Shocktronica (Intro) (feat. Hank Shocklee)
02. Kiss Kiss Kiss (feat. Peaches)
03. O’oh (feat. Shitake Monkey)
04. Everyman Everywoman (feat. Blow Up)
05. Sisters O Sisters (feat. Le Tigre)
06. Death Of Samantha (feat. Porcupine Tree)
07. Rising (feat. DJ Spooky).mp3 OK
08. Nobody Sees Me Like You Do (feat. The Apples In Stereo)
09. Yes, I’m A Witch (feat. The Brother Brothers)
10. Revelations (feat. Cat Power)
11. You And I (feat. The Polyphonic Spree)
12. Walking On Thin Ice (feat. Jason Pierce Of Spiritualized)
13. Toyboat (feat. Antony Of Antony And The Johnsons & Hahn Rowe)
14. Cambridge 1969-2007 (feat. The Flaming Lips)
15. I’m Moving On (feat. The Sleepy Jackson)
16. Witch Shocktronica (Outro) (feat. Hank Shocklee)
17. Shiranakatta (I Didn’t Know) (feat. Craig Armstrong)


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