Terror Squad – The Album (1999)

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap Artist: November 5th, 2012

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01. In For Life (featuring Big Pun,Triple Seis,Prospect & Cuban Link)
02. Pass The Glock (featuring Triple Seis,Cuban Link,Armageddon,Prospect,Big Pun & Fat Joe)
03. ’99 Live (featuring Prospect)
04. What’cha Gon’ Do (featuring Big Pun)
05. Triple Threat (featuring Armageddon,Big Pun & Cuban Link)
06. War (featuring Triple Seis)
07. Bring It On (featuring Fat Joe)
08. As The World Turns (featuring Cuban Link,Prospect & Triple Seis)
10. Feelin’ This (featuring Armageddon,Prospect & Big Pun)
11. All Around The World (featuring Cuban Link)
12. Tell Me What U Want (featuring Fat Joe,Armageddon,Cuban Link & Tony Sunshine)
13. Rudeboy Salute (featuring Buju Banton,Fat Joe & Big Pun)
14. My Kinda Girls (featuring Tony Sunshine & Cuban Link)
15. Payin’ Dues (featuring Armageddon & Keith Nut)
16. www.thatsmyshit.com (featuring Fat Joe,Triple Seis & The Bleach Brothers)


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