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Genre: Uncategorized Artist: November 10th, 2008

We are so sorry for the download link error on, we just change our webhosting provider and some data on database is missing. around 10-30 albums that already posted on mp3 boo perhaps have error download links.

We need your help!! Please report to me if you found any error download links! We will fixed it a.s.a.p! Please be patience, we won’t it happened, because we love to share great musics with you all!

I’am so sorry not updated mp3 boo lately, a bit busy with my real life, my friend also got problems with his Computers (he is? the one who updated albums on mp3 boo), I wish he will back online soon.

right now, I will help him, to fixed any error downloads. Please leave comments on this post, so i can know which albums have to reupload.



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