Kina Grannis – Stairwells (2010)

Genre: Acoustic, Indie, Pop Artist: June 26th, 2010

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Kina Grannis - Stairwells

Tracklist :

1. World In Front Of Me
2. In Your Arms
3. Valentine
4. Strong Enough
5. Together
6. The Goldfish Song
7. Heart And Mind
8. Cambridge
9. Stars Falling Down
10. Delicate
11. Message From Your Heart
12. Stay Just A Little
13. Back To Us
14. Mr. Sun

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4 Comments about "Kina Grannis – Stairwells" MP3 Album

  • awwthat'stoobad

    i can’t buy it !!! i live in a country where US dollars are more than 3 times my currency!!! would love to support her though


  • jay

    c’mon guys, support her and BUY her album! its not that expensive!

  • As of Feb. 22, 2011: Kina Grannis just released STAIRWELLS DELUXE which contains 4 new songs, studio recorded covers and a lot of other fun stuff! Please please do give your support and purchase the original album. You know she deserves it! :) Go to for details.

  • Maria

    thanks you, whoever downloaded this album!
    was waiting for it since it’s out.
    thanxthanxthanx <33

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