Jake Kaufman – Choice Nuggets (2013)

Genre: Chiptune Artist: September 1st, 2013

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01. Lorem Ipsum
02. Turbonugget
03. Kris and Jake’s Wedding. Processional
04. Kris and Jake’s Wedding. First Dance
05. Isla Langosta (Unreleased DS game)
06. Gypsy Stew (Unreleased DS game)
07. Gluehwein (Unreleased DS game)
08. I can has Mochi (Unreleased DS game)
09. Blast Off Forever
11. Buenzli Demoparty Invite
12. Keep Shredding, Little Man!
13. Fruitbat (with beek)
14. Slap Them Skins (Groove Bias drum library demo)
15. Manny Stripe (Yamaha synth demo)
16. On Cloud Mountain (Yamaha synth demo)
17. Micro Media Broth
18. Star Wars Theme. a Cappella
19. Mecha Kukai Travels to Chang’an (Ubiktune)
20. Sticky Icky Chip Chooser infomercial
21. TMNT. Enter the Turtle (Dwelling of Duels)
22. The Machine Planet (Hellven)
23. Exosunrise (ULTRANIMBUS)
24. Plasmatextor
25. Flowerguy’s Pool Party
26. Nightfall Over City
27. Staring at My Spaceship


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