Five Finger Death Punch – War Is The Answer (2009)

Genre: Metal, Thrash Artist: September 4th, 2009

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Five Finger Death Punch - War Is The Answer

Tracklist :

1. Dying Breed
2. Hard To See
3. Bulletproof
4. No One Gets Left Behind
5. Crossing Over
6. Burn It Down
7. Far From Home
8. Falling In Hate
9. My Own Hell
10. Walk Away
11. Canto 34
12. Bad Company
13. War Is The Answer
14. Succubus (Bonus Track)
15. Undone (Bonus)

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8 Comments about "Five Finger Death Punch – War Is The Answer" MP3 Album

  • nemo squishy

    i find it hilarious that kathy posted that 2 years ago and people are still bitching to her. obviously they didn’t care so shut up and move on with your lives. lol. anyway.. nice album. ;)

  • kmk 420

    ok kathy they dont give a fuck about what people dl for free if you knew how real music works and distribution youd know they dont care as somebody who is working on a musical side project i know the rules of distribution and i know for a fucking fact they dont give a shit soo please kathy jump in a hole and rot thank you :)

  • Mr Cool

    Someone called Kathy Shultz posted some piece of shit here because that shemale downloaded this album and don’t want anyone else to have it, and gave that boring threat. So know this: No body in this world has that much fu*kin time to keep an eye on you, or anyone. So enjoy sharing…

  • hey kathy ur a dumb fuck suck on my nuts lmao stupid fucking bitch

  • Meli

    With all the diff ways u can DL free music these days it really doesn’t come as a surprise. You just sound stupid. Ppl are going to DL their stuff no matter what. U want to wait until it is released to have ppl DL it for free? Dumbass.

  • This album is illegally leaked, watermarked and should have never been posted to this site it will be traced back to them! Not even the announcing of tracks should have been leaked!!

    The download is not even the final and is a great shame that whoever posted this is stealing from the band. I will be reporting this to their management and they along with their attorney’s will address further.

    I am sorry..but, they are great friends of mine and to be truthful, you wouldn’t want this to happen to you if in the same position. Its only natural for one to protect what is wrong!

    • yea ur pretty much an idiot if u knew anything u would know on watermarks the only person that gets in trouble is the person that leaked so just shut up and hush because u dont know what ur talking about

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