Eyes Set To Kill – Broken Frames (2010)

Genre: Metal, Post-Hardcore, Rock Artist: May 14th, 2010

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Eyes Set To Kill - Broken Frames

Tracklist :

1. All You Ever Knew
2. Broken Frames
3. The Listening
4. Ticking Bombs
5. Play The Part
6. Falling Fast
7. Catch Your Breath
8. Ryan
9. Inside The Eye
10. Two Letter Sins
11. Escape
12. Let Me In (Bonus Track)

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5 Comments about "Eyes Set To Kill – Broken Frames" MP3 Album

  • Josh

    I love Alexia and Anissa <3333333333 ESTK <3

  • Rayleigh

    this site is so good, i don’t need to buy a new CD!! haha

  • Zacky :)

    OMFG i cant believe this up on the site already its only coming out tuesday so im super fking happy ^^ thank you person that posted <3 :)

  • Jay

    YES! I cannot believe this is already up… thank you so goddamn MUCH to whoever posted this. I went onto this site as usual (because that’s how much I adore this site) and I saw this on the main page! DEFINITELY FREAKING OUT! I love the poster… the quality is amazing everyone!!

    ESTK FOREVER! Alexia is amazing and her singing has GREATLY improved, Anissa is still freaking beautiful, Greg & Caleb are GORGEOUS and Cisko the new screamer hasn’t disappointed me! Awesome job!

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