DJ Shog – 10 Years (2013)

Genre: Trance Artist: January 13th, 2013

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01. Another World (CJ Stone Vocal Edit)
02. Love Me Right Now
03. Running Water (Ole Van Dansk Remix Edit)
04. Tell Me Why (Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix Edit)
05. Bright Eyed (Album Version)
06. Jealousy (Leuchtturm Kurze Mischung)
07. Good Old Times (Original Edit)
08. This Is My Sound (Steve Brain Remix Edit)
09. On The Road Again (Store N Forward Remix Edit)
10. Running After Clouds (Album Mix)
11. Surrounded By Your Love (North State & Roby K Remix Edit)
12. Parrots (Edit)
13. Turn Your Heart (Nolita Remix Edit)
14. Live 4 Music (Adam Van Garrel Remix Edit)
15. Sleepless (Raven & Kleekamp Remix Edit)
16. Make The Sun Rise (Cold Blue Remix Edit)
17. Feel Me (Through The Radio) (Craig Steven Remix Edit)
18. Love Me Right Now (Nolita Remix Edit)
19. Running Water (Aboutblank & KLC Remix Edit)
20. Another World (Codys New Vocal Edit)
21. Running After Clouds (Electroganic Mix)
22. I Finally Found (Single Version)
23. This Is My Sound (CJ Stone Radio Edit)
24. Running Water (Edit)
25. Feel Me (Through The Radio) (Edit)
26. Annual Dreams (Video Edit)
27. Tell Me Why (Edit)
28. Another World (Edit)
29. Be The One (Edit)
30. On The Road Again (Album Mix)
31. Stranger On This Planet (Vocal Edit)
32. Comeback (Edit)
33. The 2nd Dimension (UK Radio Edit)
34. Live 4 Music (Original Edit)
35. Surrounded By Your Love (Edit)
36. Feel Me (Through The Radio) (Inpetto Remix Edit)
37. Jealousy (Edit)
38. Turn Your Heart (Edit)
39. Don?t Push Me Down
40. Get Out (Of My Way) (Edit)
41. Another World Part II (Vocal Edit)
42. This Is My Sound (Original Radio Edit)


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