Disturbed – Asylum (2010)

Genre: Metal Artist: August 28th, 2010

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Disturbed - Asylum

Tracklist :

1. Remnants
2. Asylum
3. The Infection
4. Warrior
5. Another Way To Die
6. Never Again
7. The Animal
8. Crucified
9. Serpentine
10. My Child
11. Sacrifice
12. Innocence
13. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
14. Down With The Sickness (Live) (Bonus Track)
15. Stricken (Live) (Bonus Track)

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22 Comments about "Disturbed – Asylum" MP3 Album

  • Devin

    its too bad i didn’t get to see disturbed in concert at all. ….but i did get to see one of the band members of disturbed in concert “David Draiman”. I got to see him in concert because i went to see device in concert

  • SandMan

    fucking awesome

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