Danny Byrd – Golden Ticket (Special Edition) (2013)

Genre: Drum & Bass Artist: July 13th, 2013

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01. 4th Dimension
02. Bad Boy (Back Again)
03. Get on it (feat. Brookes Brothers)
04. In the Street (Skit)
05. Bad Monday (feat. Tanya Lacey)
06. Throw Ya Hands
07. Battle (feat. Mz Bratt)
08. Make it Weighty (feat. Serocee)
09. Love You Like This
10. BANG! (feat. Jaguar Skills)
11. Touchline (feat. Serocee)
12. U Turn
13. JFK (Holy Mackerel)
14. Like A Byrd (feat. Saint Louis)
15. In the Factory (Skit)
16. Golden Ticket (feat. Tanya Lacey)

Special Edition:
17. New Day (feat. Xavier)
18. Break Free
19. Grit (feat. Roni Size)
20. Sublow Junkie (feat. Rhymestar)
21. Ill Behaviour VIP (feat. I-Kay)
22. Golden Ticket (Album DJ Mix)


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