Asking Alexandria – The Irony Of Your Perfection (2007)

Genre: Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Screamo Artist: July 8th, 2009

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Asking Alexandria - The Irony Of Your Perfection

Tracklist :

1. In Loving Memory of You, Despite You
2. Writing Her Ballad
3. Bitter Revenge Sweet Tragedy
4. Bite Your Lip and Fake it
5. Asking for Ashes
6. My Last Words (Before it’s All Over)
7. Numb in a Matter of Screams (Missing Track)
8. Gramophone Elegance
9. Bullets in a Music Box
10. Wings for the Sake of Falling
11. Friends Before Angels (Missing Track)
12. The Irony of Your Perfection

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7 Comments about "Asking Alexandria – The Irony Of Your Perfection" MP3 Album

  • Destinii Kendall

    This band is technically End of Reason. Ben changed the name to Asking Alexandria a month before they broke up and kept the name when he formed the current AA. Soooo this has none of Asking Alexandria’s members in it aside from Ben. This shouldn’t really even be labeled as Asking Alexandria =/

  • Kieran

    Right, this isn’t by asking alexandria because this was released in 2007 and asking alexandria formed in 2008.

  • Nickolas Gonzalez

    i think this Album is real good i like the name of all the songs

  • Who cares?

    This album is by the ORIGINAL Asking Alexandria. The original!

  • Taylor

    nobody asked, gahh . people like you make me annoyed kasey o_o

  • agus kurniawan


  • if you wanna be specific, asking alexandria didn’t actually make this album.
    end of reason, is the actual band. if you read asking alexandria’s blogs, the lead singer explains this album.

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