Abandon All Ships – Geeving (2010)

Genre: Electronic, Post-Hardcore, Trance Artist: October 3rd, 2010

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Abandon All Ships! - Geeving

Tracklist :

1. Bro My God
2. Geeving
3. Megawacko 2.1
4. When Dreams Become Nightmares
5. Strangelove
6. Family Gortrait
7. Guardian Angel
8. Structures
9. Heaven 911
10. Take One Last Breath

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13 Comments about "Abandon All Ships – Geeving" MP3 Album

  • helltohell

    good album and amazing

  • HardC00reRcokr

    This Shit is Brutal!!!

  • No name required

    To Mike and Alex.
    Grow a Pair.
    No one obviously gives a shit.
    Why fucking complain on a masterpiece… Geeving is a BA album. So is the EP.
    If you really want to have a “original” band… then make your own fucking band and try to get big.
    Sincerely, Guy who commented to late. :)
    P.S. Die in Hell.

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