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Woe, Is Me – Number[s]

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Woe, Is Me - Number[s]

Tracklist :

1. On Veiled Men
2. [&] Delinquents
3. Mannequin Religion
4. Keep Your Enemies Close
5. Hell, or High Water
6. For the Likes of You
7. I.
8. Our Number[s] feat. Jonny Craig of Emarosa
9. If Not, For Ourselves
10. Desolate [The Conductor] feat. Jonny Craig of Emarosa

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  1. ch_ke

    Thx so much

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    Incredible album! Thanks! :D

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    best band i ever heard. LOVE IT >.<


    i Love this band !!!!

  5. adamn

    wow! I’ve been looking for a free download of this album quite some time on the net and now I found it. .thanks! . .=)

  6. tOmquinkzvAmp

    you guys r the best!!!!!!!!! :) :) tis is gr8888888888888888t!!!!

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