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Suicide Silence – The Black Crown

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Suicide Silence - The Black Crown

Tracklist :

1. Slaves to Substance
2. O.C.D.
3. Human Violence
4. You Only Live Once
5. Fuck Everything
6. March to the Black Crown
7. Witness the Addiction (featuring Jonathan Davis of Korn)
8. Cross-Eyed Catastrophe
9. Smashed” (featuring Frank Mullen of Suffocation)
10. The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart
11. Cancerous Skies

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29 Responses to "Suicide Silence – The Black Crown"

  1. Devin

    We will miss you Mitch damn it makes me want to cry. :’)

  2. Reyhan

    innalilahiwainalilahi rojiun micth lucker i never forget you :)

  3. alex

    Sick album RIP mitch

  4. Alice

    I’ll never forget :( rip

  5. Virginia

    Such a great album, Rest in Peace Mitch Lucker <3

  6. parizvanjava

    hell yeaahh

  7. Abigail


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