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Memphis May Fire – The Hollow

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Memphis May Fire - The Hollow

Tracklist :

1. The Sinner
2. The Unfaithful
3. The Victim
4. The Abandoned
5. The Deceived
6. The Commanded
7. The Burden (Interlude)
8. The Haunted
9. The Reality
10. The Redeemed

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9 Responses to "Memphis May Fire – The Hollow"

  1. latranchedepain

    Whaw, every tracks begin by “The” like the Attack Attack! last album..

  2. Collin!

    better then most hardcore bands catchy singing and great breakdowns thumbs up!!

  3. danny

    this is great album

  4. mrpoop


  5. Ian

    Great album, lame name for the tracks. They should’ve just made a concept album. Haha.

  6. updated with better quality, enjoy! :)

  7. mauriza

    Wew every song starts with “the”

  8. DeadlyTouch

    great album :X

  9. Skevous

    uploaded 10 mims ago, and i already have it

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