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Brotha Lynch Hung – Mannibalector

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Free Mp3 Download Brotha Lynch Hung - Mannibalector


1. News Flash (Intro) 0:46
2. Krocadil 4:24
3. Bacon N Eggs (Skit) 0:45
4. MDK (Feat. Trizz) 4:51
5. Disappeared 3:19
6. Fucked Up (Skit) 0:20
7. Eating You (Feat. Bernz, Wreckonize) 4:44
8. Tha Package (Feat. Yelawolf) 3:23
9. Something About Susan (Feat. COS, Irv Da Phantom) 3:46
10. The River (Skit) 1:26
11. Can I Have A Napkin 3:32
12. Mask And Knife (Feat. G Macc, Bleezo) 3:49
13. Meat Cleaver 4:52
14. I Give Up (Feat. COS) 4:11
15. Instruments (Skit) 1:54
16. Stabbed (Feat. Tech N9ne, Hopsin) 4:02
17. Body On The Floor 3:52
18. Have You Checked The Children (Skit) 0:24
19. Sweeny Todd 4:43
20. Dead Bitch 4:51


Download Brotha Lynch Hung – Mannibalector
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