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BlessTheFall – Witness

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BlessTheFall - Witness

Tracklist :

1. 2.0
2. What’s Left Of Me
3. To Hell and Back
4. God Wears Gucci
5. Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted
6. Witness
7. Last Ones Left
8. Five Ninety
9. We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead
10. Skinwalkers
11. You Deserve Nothing and I Hope You Get Less
12. Stay Still

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7 Responses to "BlessTheFall – Witness"

  1. tommy

    ps beau doesnt scream in this band. It’s their bassist that screams.

  2. this album is awesome… great scream… great headbang… !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. November (Tass)

    i have owned this album for a year now and i listen to it every single day!! . You don’t know post-hardcore till you’ve heard Beau Bokan sing/ scream…. Support the band and go buy ‘Witness’ <3

  4. Best screamer ever Fucking amazing Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. post-hardcore-rider

    Best voices . . .

  6. screamolover

    best band ever!!!!will wait next album:)

  7. this is the best band ever!!!!!!!! xD!!!!!!! hell yeah!!
    horns up!!!!!!! 6x^ !!
    bangs my head allong with them.
    thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!! you´re awesome!!!!!!!!

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