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Angels & Airwaves – LOVE

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Angels & Airwaves - LOVE

Tracklist :

1. Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce
2. The Flight of Apollo
3. Young London
4. Shove
5. Epic Holiday
6. Hallucinations
7. The Moon-Atomic (…Fragments and Fictions)
8. Clever Love
9. Soul Survivor (…2012)
10. Letters to God, Part II
11. Some Origins of Fire

Genre: Rock / Alternative

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15 Responses to "Angels & Airwaves – LOVE"

  1. Archediceoffer

    Yeah it sound nice and very cool

    Banyak orang indonesia hahaha…….pejwan apa pejtu nih

  2. Herul

    I really like Ava, energetic song, hehehe

  3. poulunk

    what a wonderful songs!!!!

  4. the angels and airwaves kid

    angels and airwaves is amazing
    love ya ava and tom is a ledgend

  5. it s amazing band .. genius tom delongue,,,he sing and play guitar at same time.. and produce a nice songs. indonesia garuda di dadaku

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