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"Perhaps, I Suppose... [2005 Deluxe Edition]" is the title of mp3 albums released by Rufio on 2001. The mp3 songs on Rufio - Perhaps, I Suppose... [2005 Deluxe Edition] (2001) albums classified as a Pop Punk music albums.

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Rufio Biography

Rufio was a melodic punk rock band from Rancho Cucamonga, California. All the members of the band went to the same high school together. The band was formed when original bassist Jon Berry was in freshman year in college and the other three band members were in the final year of high school. The other three band members are Scott Sellers (Vocals/Guitar), Mike Jimenez (Drums), and Clark Domae (Guitar). Guitar players Scott and Clark were acquaintances at young ages as they grew up together. Scott then met lead bassist Jon Berry, and they began playing together immediately in various groups and sessions, as well as purchasing a 4-track to record the songs they have written together. After Berry and Scott began recording music, they asked Mike to play drums for them and listen to their recordings. Shortly after the addition of Mike, Clark joined and the band was formed. The band got their name from the character Rufio, leader of the Lost Boys from the Peter Pan-inspired film Hook.

Rufio released their debut recording in 2001 on The Militia Group label, Perhaps, I Suppose, which was’s top selling album ever for at least 3 years, only recently eclipsed by Operation Ivy’s Energy. The band returned in June 2003 with MCMLXXXV (released on the Nitro label), which was recorded with the aid of producer Nick Rasculinecz who has also recorded with Foo Fighters and Rancid. Rufio went on to play on the Warped Tour that summer following the release of their second album. Their third album The Comfort of Home was released in July 2005.


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