Love And Peace And Sympathy - 2013

Six By Seven

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"Love And Peace And Sympathy" is the title of mp3 albums released by Six By Seven on 2013. The mp3 songs on Six By Seven - Love And Peace And Sympathy (2013) albums classified as a Rock music albums.

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Six By Seven Biography

Six by Seven are a Nottingham, England based rock band who formed in 1996, specialising in a brand of space-rock that fused the drones, propulsiveness and washes of noise of krautrock with the abrasiveness of punk. They have released six albums, along with several compilations of studio offcuts and live performances. Arriving at a time of stagnating but popular Britpop and Britrock, they were unique not only in sound but also in utilising a saxophonist for texture and in Sam Hempton choosing to attack his guitar strings with a drumstick instead of a plectrum.

The band take their name from the research connected with the Hubble telescope. Sam came up with the name, but he’s told the story so many times that he’s not quite sure if he still remembers the theory correctly! Anyway, it goes something like this… “There was a big debate as to whether the millions of other galaxies in the universe were accelerating away from each other or moving away at a constant rate, or whether they were actually coming back in on themselves. The scientists originally thought that everything would eventually come back in on itself and implode, but what’s actually happening is that they are accelerating away at a rate of Six By Seven.”

Six by Seven have a spontaneous approach to their songwriting - some of the songs for the new album weren’t written until the day that they were recorded; another was written briefly using an acoustic guitar and a drum machine.


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