Howie Made Me Do It 3 - 2013

Ill Bill

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"Howie Made Me Do It 3" is the title of mp3 albums released by Ill Bill on 2013. The mp3 songs on Ill Bill - Howie Made Me Do It 3 (2013) albums classified as a Hip Hop music albums.

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Ill Bill Biography

William Braunstein (born July 14, 1972), better known as Ill Bill, is a Jewish-American rapper and record producer from Brooklyn, New York. Having gained notoriety in the underground hip hop group Non Phixion, Ill Bill is known for his hardcore/sexual/violent diverse lyrics and as the producer, founder and CEO of Uncle Howie Records. His brother Ron is also a rapper and producer, known as Necro.

Collaboration work/groups

Non Phixion

In late 1994, MC Serch (of 3rd Bass fame) took his protégé Sabac Red and teamed him up with DJ Eclipse and Ill Bill, thereby creating the group known as Non Phixion. Within six months Goretex, a childhood friend of Ill Bill, had joined the crew after freestyling for MC Serch. MC Serch did not appear in Non Phixions first album “The Future Is Now”. Non Phixion made two studio albums and a promotional tape named “The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now” that was released before their first album “The Future Is Now”, all Non Phixion’s work is highly regarded in the underground hip hop scene. Ill Bills brother Necro produced a lot of material for Non Phixion, including most of “The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now” and several other tracks from “The Green CD” and “The Future Is Now”.

Circle of Tyrants

Circle of Tyrants is an underground hip hop group consisting of Necro, Ill BIll, Mr Hyde and Goretex.


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