Sting In The Tail - 2010


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"Sting In The Tail" is the title of mp3 albums released by Scorpions on 2010. The mp3 songs on Scorpions - Sting In The Tail (2010) albums classified as a Rock music albums.

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Scorpions Biography

Scorpions is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Hannover, Germany, best known for their 1984 rock anthem “Rock You Like a Hurricane” and their singles “Wind of Change”, “No One Like You”, “Still Loving You”, and “Send Me an Angel”. The band has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Along with Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Kiss, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne and Deep Purple they are one of the most successful hard rock/heavy metal acts and by far the most successful German Rock band in America and England. Rudolf Schenker, the band’s rhythm guitarist, explained in an interview with Songfacts: “In the beginning of our career, we had a problem in Germany because nobody expects a German band to play Rock music. With Rock music, there are more bands from England or America, which are more exotic than the Scorpions, who are from Germany. But when we went to America in ‘79, we became the exotic ones. They said, ‘Hey, what kind of crazy guys are these?’ (laughs) We were already exotic, with a different view, and we also play our Rock music with a little bit of an ethnic touch. You’ll notice that Americans come from the blues side, whereas we come from the classical side, which is different.”

+ The “Scorps” known to metal heads of the time, reminisce more of Lonesome Crow · Fly to the Rainbow · In Trance · Virgin Killer · Taken by Force · Lovedrive · Animal Magnetism.


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