This Is How The Wind Shifts - 2013


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"This Is How The Wind Shifts" is the title of mp3 albums released by Silverstein on 2013. The mp3 songs on Silverstein - This Is How The Wind Shifts (2013) albums classified as a Post Hardcore music albums.

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Silverstein Biography

Silverstein is a 5-piece post-hardcore band from Burlington, Ontario, Canada; formed in 2000. The band name was taken from the famous children’s author Shel Silverstein.

After several lineup changes, the band acquired Billy Hamilton, a local fan who learned of the band’s need for a bassist on the Internet message board “The 905 Board” (an Ontario area outreach board which used to be for local musicians). In Christmas of 2001, he joined the band after Shane Told helped him learn the music for the songs. Following a rehearsal on Boxing Day (December 26) in 2001, he officially debuted with Silverstein. The next spring, original guitarist Richard McWalter left the band to move to Victoria, British Columbia to study engineering. He was then replaced by Neil Boshart, childhood friend of Shane Told. The new lineup recorded a second EP, When the Shadows Beam, in preparation for their first tour in Eastern Canada.

The band then signed to Victory Records in October of 2002 with a complete lineup as Hamilton attempted to complete his secondary education one semester early. The January after, the band recorded their full-length debut CD When Broken Is Easily Fixed, released on the Victory Records label.

In 2005 the band performed on the Never Sleep Again tour with bands such as Aiden, Hawthorne Heights and Bayside—a tour during which Bayside’s drummer John “Beatz” Holohan would be killed. In January-February 2006, they toured with fellow Canadians Simple Plan in Europe.


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