Trilogy - 2012

The Weeknd

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MP3 Download The Weeknd - The Birds Pt. 1 (2012)

"Trilogy" is the title of mp3 albums released by The Weeknd on 2012. The mp3 songs on The Weeknd - Trilogy (2012) albums classified as a R&B music albums.

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The Weeknd Biography

The Weeknd, the stage name for Abel Tesfaye, is a Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter and producer.
The Scarborough, Toronto-born singer, songwriter, and producer doesn’t say much outside of his lyrics or personal messages through his social networking sites. Ever since appearing on the scene in late 2010, he’s been shrouded in mystery, cultivating a mystique that baffles our gossip-obsessed pop culture. With that said, the 24-year-old alternative R&B phenomenon is an enigma in more ways than one.

For him, it’s not about becoming famous. It’s not about becoming rich. It’s not about pleasing anyone. It’s about being honest, staying true to his art, and diving headfirst into the deep end. History’s most impactful artists from Van Gogh and Charles Bukowski to Miles Davis and John Lennon faced both the abyss and the heavens. They knew about sex, drugs, pain, joy, and love, and they weren’t afraid to talk about them openly.

On his three-disc debut for XO/Republic Records, Trilogy, The Weeknd is an open book, revealing
everything and nothing at the same time. There are moments of ecstatic electronic bliss like the irresistible “High for This”, and then there’s the propulsive poetic paranoia of “House of Balloons”, which twists a sample Siouxsie and the Banshees’ Happy House into a frenetic danceable coup. With an inimitable and divine voice, he sings of hazy nights that turned into hazier mornings and tumultuous trysts that spiraled into eternal longing. However, you can take whatever you want from it. After all, it is art.


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