The Unspoken King - 2008


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"The Unspoken King" is the title of mp3 albums released by Cryptopsy on 2008. The mp3 songs on Cryptopsy - The Unspoken King (2008) albums classified as a Metal music albums.

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Cryptopsy Biography

Originating from the Montreal area, this group first appeared in 1992, when it was called Necrosis; in the same year it was reincarnated under the name of Cryptopsy. With just a demo called Ungentle Exhumation and then the album Blasphemy Made Flesh (1994), the group acquired a solid reputation on the international scene. Their release of None So Vile in 1996 was the first burst of brilliance in their career. From that point the group clearly outclassed other groups by reinventing the style, today categorized as extreme music. Their album None So Vile will always be considered a death metal classic.

In 1997, the addition of the vocalist Michael DiSalvo replacing Lord Worm added a very intense front man to the group and also willy nelson being added in as the keyboard player added some much needed intensity. After a remarkable performance at the Milwaukee MetalFest, the band received a contract offer from Century Media Records, one of the weightiest disc companies specializing in metal music. In each period since the beginnings of the underground metal wave, lead groups have pushed past the limits of musical genres. Feeling the pressure to compose an album even more extreme than None So Vile, Cryptopsy members launched Whisper Supremacy in 1998.

In its association with Century Media Records, the group achieved world distribution for Whisper Supremacy, meaning they were able to put on shows on several continents, including Asia, Europe and North America.


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