About That Life - 2013


Hardcore 274kbps
MP3 Download Attila - Party With The Devil (2013)

"About That Life" is the title of mp3 albums released by Attila on 2013. The mp3 songs on Attila - About That Life (2013) albums classified as a Hardcore music albums.

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Attila Biography

There are at least five bands named Attila:

(1) A metalcore/deathcore band from Atlanta, GA.
(2) A traditional heavy metal band from New York City formed in 1983.
(3) A Dutch power/speed metal band formed in 1983.
(4) Psychedelic group including Billy Joel that released one self-titled album.
(5) A French DJ who produces flashcore, glitch, noise, and experimental music.

(1) Party metal rockers Attila formed in their hometown of Atlanta in 2005, meeting each other at their high school and through mutual friends. Their mutual love of music (and partying) brought the guys together to form what would eventually become the fourth imprint on the Artery Foundation/Razor & Tie joint venture, Artery Recordings.

When the guys set out to name their newly formed band, they knew they were looking for a simple, one word name that didn’t imply the typical death metal cliché terms such as “blood, dying, and darkness.” One day they found themselves in a bookstore passing around a book about Attila the Hun, and so Attila was born.

Over the years Attila has gone through a few lineup changes, but founding members Fronz and Sean have remained a constant staple. For the past two years, the band has consisted of Fronz (vocals), Nate (guitar), Chris (guitar), Sean (drums) and Chris (bass). This lineup really brought together Attila’s sound and image that they are known for today. The band began touring full time and as of summer 2010, has been on the road almost non-stop for two years.


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