The Divinity Of Purpose - 2013


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MP3 Download Hatebreed - Before The Fight Ends You (2013)

"The Divinity Of Purpose" is the title of mp3 albums released by Hatebreed on 2013. The mp3 songs on Hatebreed - The Divinity Of Purpose (2013) albums classified as a Hardcore music albums.

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Hatebreed Biography

Hatebreed is a metalcore band from Bridgeport and New Haven, Connecticut. The band was founded in November 1994 by Jamey Jasta, Dave Russo, Larry Dwyer, and Chris Beattie. Hatebreed’s sound can be classified as metallic hardcore, they are influenced by death and groove metal and their sound has heavily influenced many modern metalcore, hardcore and crossover bands.

They began by recording a three song demo and selling it to locals. Those three songs would eventually be released on a split seven inch with New York’s Neglect in 1995. They followed that up with the highly acclaimed EP Under the Knife in 1996, and the following year released Satisfaction is the Death of Desire on Victory Records, then the home of some of the biggest bands in metalcore. Satisfaction sold more copies than any other debut in the history of the record company.

A constant touring schedule pushed them beyond the boundaries of the hardcore punk scene, and tours with national metal bands such as Slayer, Deftones, Entombed and Napalm Death brought them to the attention of many non-hardcore/metalcore fans. These influences were apparent on the band’s next two releases, 2002’s Perseverance, and especially 2003’s The Rise of Brutality.


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