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Sick Puppies

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MP3 Download Sick Puppies - The Trick The Devil Did (2013)

"Connect (Best Buy Deluxe Edition)" is the title of mp3 albums released by Sick Puppies on 2013. The mp3 songs on Sick Puppies - Connect (Best Buy Deluxe Edition) (2013) albums classified as a Rock music albums.

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Sick Puppies Biography

Sick Puppies is an alternative rock band formed in 1997 in Sydney, Australia. The band currently consists of vocalist Shimon Moore, bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin.

When the Australian band decided to break through in the U.S., founding members, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Shimon Moore and his high school classmate, bassist Emma Anzai, simply picked up and moved lock, stock and guitar amps to L.A… As their drummer Chris Mileski was unable to leave Australia, the band advertised for a drummer on Craig’s List, and were soon joined by Orange County native Mark Goodwin.

After getting signed and putting out their debut, the trio made their own video independently to accompanying the first single, “All the Same,” shot in a Sydney shopping mall in which fellow Aussie Juan Mann held up a hand-written placard offering passersby “Free Hugs.” The clip attracted over 64 million views on YouTube alone, and spawned a world-wide phenomenon.
Three years later, Sick Puppies are back with a new album and producing team from Dressed Up As Life, Rock Mafia’s Antonina Armato and Tim James. Together they’ve created a sound that reflects the past four whirlwind years spent in the rock and roll fast lane, on the grueling tour grind, honing their chops until they were a finely tuned powerhouse ready to let loose with the anger, frustration and triumphs built up from all that road work.

Songs like the storming first single, “You’re Going Down,” which is being used as the theme song for the WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view broadcast, and “Street Fighter War,” which was used as part of the national marketing campaign for the popular video game Street Fighter IV


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