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"OVER DRIVE" is the title of mp3 albums released by TOTALFAT on 2010. The mp3 songs on TOTALFAT - OVER DRIVE (2010) albums classified as a Alternative music albums.

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TOTALFAT Biography

TOTALFAT is melodic punk band formed in 1999 from Hachioji. TOTALFAT consisted of vocalist/guitarist Jose (ホセ), vocalist/bassist Shun, guitarist Kuboty, and drummer Bunta.

TOTALFAT started out playing NOFX songs in 2000. Their shows were mainly songs of TEN FOOT POLE, MILLENCOLIN and SLICK SHOES.

In 2003, TOTALFAT released their 1st album entitled ‘End of Introduction’, from a Japanese independent label named CATCH ALL RECORDS. They embarked on a CD release Japan tour which included 41 shows. The first album sold about 3,500 copies.

In 2004, TOTALFAT released 2nd EP Get It Better from CATCH ALL RECORDS. Then they had CD release Japan tour include 48 shows. The EP Get It Better was sold about 3,000 stuffs. And still now, it is keeping constant sales. Get It Better 2005

This is the latest split EP When The 8th Spring Has Come with a Japanese rock band named for better, for worse on November 23, 2005 from Japanese independent label named KICK ROCK MUSIC. TOTALFAT and for better, for worse were high school friends. This EP is proof of their friendship. When The 8th Spring Has Come 2005

TOTALFAT plays about 130 shows a year. And they had experiences of playing with GLASSEATER, NEVER HEARD OF IT, THE FAIRLANES, THE BOMBJACKS(UK), SCARLET SYMPHONY and NO WAY OUT(Spain). In this year, they supported Japan tours of ALLISTER, THE BLEDYESTERDAY RISING, NEVER HEARD OF IT in 2006.


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