no sadness or farewell - 2012

crippled black phoenix

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crippled black phoenix Biography

Crippled Black Phoenix are a rock band from the United Kingdom. Several musicians have contributed to Crippled Black Phoenix’s albums and play with them during their live shows.

They are a collective of musicians from many other bands (including notably Iron Monkey, Gonga, Mogwai, Electric Wizard and others). In 2004, Justin Greaves began recording primitive sounds he had in mind for years. He was encouraged by Dominic Aitchison, and their ideas would lay the backbone for Crippled Black Phoenix.

Although originally having an unorthodox start, since all the band members were part of and busy with other projects at the time of the band’s founding, Crippled Black Phoenix remained committed to staying together and forged their sound. The band writes what they call “endtime ballads,” signifying both the slightly macabre nature of their songs and their unusual blend of styles as the final evolution in music. This blend has led to them being called everything from stoner-prog to freak-folk to doom.

Crippled Black Phoenix have made live shows a focus and have performed in unusual venues, using Victorian-era instruments in tandem with more modern instruments.


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