A Voice Within - 2014


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"A Voice Within" is the title of mp3 albums released by Intervals on 2014. The mp3 songs on Intervals - A Voice Within (2014) albums classified as a Rock music albums.

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Intervals Biography

1) Intervals are a Canadian/American progressive metal band. Intervals originally started as a creative outlet for guitarist Aaron Marshall in 2011 after the demise of his previous band; he wrote, recorded and programmed all the instruments for the debut EP “The Space Between”.

After the release of “The Space Between”, Aaron recruited 3 more members and made Intervals into an instrumental band. The band toured extensively and recorded a follow up EP, “In Time”, in 2012.

In 2013, Intervals announced that they would now no longer be an instrumental band; their bassist Mike Semesky would switch to being the band’s vocalist. Their debut album and first release with vocals, “A Voice Within”, was released in 2013.

Intervals currently consists of Mike Semesky (vocals), Aaron Marshall (lead guitar), Lukas Guyader (rhythm guitar) and Anup Sastry (drums).

2) Intervals were an alternative band from Glasgow, Scotland.

Their debut EP “Wipe Your Tapes With Lightning” was released in 2008 and featured 5 instrumental tracks in varied styles of post-rock, whilst working from folk, ambient noise, rock and drone.

Intervals have not performed live since 2009 and have not released any music since their debut EP.


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